Evan Tynan

Evan Tynan

Creative Design-Marketing/Branding Triple Crown Sports
Evan Tynan is an accomplished professional in sports marketing and design, known for his adeptness in branding and visual communication. His strategic prowess has markedly increased the market reach and adaptability of several organizations within the competitive sports industry.

Current Roles & Duties

At Triple Crown Sports, Evan plays an essential role, working with a wide array of clients to optimize their marketing strategies. His primary goal is to engage effectively with the target audience, utilizing graphic design not merely for aesthetic value but as a critical means of connecting with viewers and conveying an organization's core values and unique propositions. His extensive experience in digital media and marketing strategy is essential for helping organizations enhance their promotional efforts and achieve significant returns on their investments, regardless of their current market status.

Career History

He has spent over ten years building a significant career in marketing and communications, continually enhancing his portfolio and cementing his credibility in the field. His professional path began with a volunteer internship at the Fort Myers Miracle Baseball Club, where he ascended through the ranks by emphasizing skill development and professional growth over personal recognition. His career has been fueled by a deep-seated passion for sports, navigating roles within organizations affiliated with NCAA Division II, NHL, NBA, and Minor League Baseball, which facilitated multiple promotions and expanded his professional capabilities.

Professional Skills and Experience

Evan Tynan excels in identifying and emphasizing the unique aspects of the organizations he partners with, understanding the powerful ways sports can inspire and unite people. His comprehensive knowledge of branding enables him to craft visual narratives that deliver solid and impactful messages to a diverse audience.


Tynan is particularly proud of the progression of his career, which started from an unpaid internship and evolved through continuous dedication and strategic advancements. His design work has been recognized with several awards, such as "The Bird is the Word: Grow Native for Birds" and the 2020 Jazz & Beyond Festival Logo contests. Beyond these accolades, the regular acknowledgment he receives in his daily professional life is a testament to his ongoing success.

At Triple Crown Sports, Tynan is appreciated for consistently exceeding client expectations and for his effective teamwork. His ability to balance standout individual achievements with effective team collaboration highlights his indispensable role in any team setting.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

Evan is a dedicated golfer, fisherman, and bowler, and he passionately follows both collegiate and professional sports, with a particular focus on Colorado teams. His involvement goes beyond mere spectatorship—he actively engages in charity sports events and supports initiatives like Jerry Schemmel’s Race Across America. He plays a significant role in Protect the Game, a non-profit that assists former service members in becoming sports officials, helping to fill a crucial gap in the field.

Every evening, Evan Tynan unwinds at home with his beloved dog, Fred, often watching sports games, effectively merging his interests with his professional life.